Vacature: Management

Director of Food & Beverage


  • Bedrijf: Kimpton De Witt Hotel
  • Standplaats: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5, 1012 RC Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
  • Totaal aantal medewerkers: 150
  • Dienstverband: Fulltime baan
  • Functie categorie: Management
  • Referentie nr: 28538
  • Geplaatst op: 17-12-2018

Algemene informatie

Our mission is to be the best loved Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Company so regardless of position, we look for individuals who are passionate about providing genuine heartfelt care to our guests and employees.

For the Kimpton De Witt Hotel we are looking for a Director of Food & Beverage.

Our hotel and restaurant are only as good as the people it employs, that’s why we picked you. You’re passionate, focused and driven about making every guest’s experience ‘ridiculously personal’, making their visit unforgettable, in all the right ways.
You've proven you can succeed in a fast-paced, guest-focused, no two days the same environment, and we will offer you plenty of opportunities to find your niche and grow. It’s your creativity and flare that we like and we know you are going to make our business a real success.
You’ll be working with a friendly, motivated team who you will recruit and lead with your distinctive style and work with them to develop their full potential and ensure everyone provides genuine heartfelt care to our guests.
Regarding the role, it’s as the job title says really, you are responsible for the restaurants and bars within the hotel, from leading the team, budgeting, producing the strategy, managing the payroll, driving revenues, and in general making sure the restaurant and bars run to perfection for every one of your employees and guests.
Surrounded by your team of specialists you will need to be a ‘jack of all trades’ by having an understanding of all departments and building strong relationships with all your teams to ensure the smooth running of the operation.
It’s a physical role and although there are the usual meetings, briefings and of course emails to check, you will be on your feet most of the day out and about chatting with your guests and your team, so fitness will be key for you, although reasonable adjustments will be made where we can. You will need to speak Dutch for this specific role, and looking at your next move we would love it if you were multi-lingual, but it’s not essential just yet.


You are responsible for knowing your guests and their preferences. You need to ensure you and your team provide the ‘wow’ factor to all of them when they enter the R&B areas.  You need to ensure they receive a heartfelt welcome and make sure everything is just right and exceeds their expectations. You need to work with your teams to bring that personal touch to their visit.
You’ll make sure the restaurant and bar areas are in pristine condition, everyone is welcomed with a personal touch, their drink is served right and their food is mouth-watering.  Yes we have standards and procedures that everyone in the team has to follow, but it’s down to you to make their visit special and memorable.


Success comes from teamwork so you need to ensure you have the best team. You will recruit people that display the qualities you pride yourself in. They too will be passionate, have great personalities, show their individuality and creativity. Remember, these are the family that you get to pick.
You need to foster a positive work environment for all your team and ensure they display their personalities and creativity, whilst adhering to the standards.
You will provide clear communication with all your team and respect them all as individuals. We’re all a bit different, but that’s why you’re here, we love your individuality.
Image is key to us so we will make sure your team look the part, supplying smart uniforms so they can be really proud to work with us. You need to ensure these are all kept looking clean and fresh.
Your team are your biggest and best asset so you need to look after them. You need to know them and understand them individually. You need to provide the development opportunities for them to excel in their role and their careers. You need to promote a positive work environment for all of them, as well as ensuring you’ve covered all the legal aspects.

Our owners invest and trust in us and we keep them happy by providing positive returns on their investment and reputations.
You will maximize the financial performance of the operation by providing the highest possible quality of guest service and product.
You will develop and implement an aggressive sales and marketing plan that is right for your environment and guest. You need to truly know your guests, their names, their preferences, their individual needs, their business needs, everything about them. You also need to know your local area, what’s everyone else offering? Who’s eating and drinking what, and where? You need to be proud to steal their custom.
As everything in the restaurant and bar is your responsibility, you need to ensure it’s all in working order by protecting and enhancing the value of all our assets through appropriate programs in maintenance and housekeeping. We have a capital budgeting process to help you with this.
You will work with the Finance team to ensure all financial processes are secure and accurate. You need to work with them to review the forecasting and operational planning of the payroll and expenditure, as you need to deliver in line with your forecasting and budgets.
You need to understand where all the money comes from and where it is spent. That means an understanding of all your sales, who likes what and who’s coming in and when, so you can maximise on your profit by devising the right menus at the right time.
You need to continually review what’s working and what’s not working and drive improvements and make changes as and when they are needed.
You are the main face of this area of the hotel and need to be known and seen within the local industries to promote the hotel, restaurant and bars and drive business.
And finally the safety of all guests and employees is also down to you, so make sure you and your team are totally on top of your policies and procedures, particularly safety, security and emergency procedures.
You are part of our team because we saw that you had creativity, so you need to bring this into your role, and encourage your team to do the same, by sharing any ideas that you have to keep driving for excellence.


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